Tangled Power Cord I - V (series)


found AC Adapter, nail




What is left to say of technology which hasn't been uttered before ad nauseam? Web 2.0 emerged with such blinding force, the term itself had succumbed to obsolescence before its relevance had even arrived. The internet - the free playground of liberatory excess - gives birth to new and unregistered meanings with such virility they explode and combine before any understanding has time to settle. If meanings exist in the space where one words rests against a hundred others, then what discourse lurks in such unfettered gluttony? Semantic shades dissolve and blur into one another that any discernible edge floats off into the periphery with an uneasy fuzziness. 

With excess, however, comes the contrary sensation of banality, and in such a silicone world, the ubiquitous 'device' sits beside the table lamp as an object which decorates an insignificant background of everyday existence. What power is present here, though. If we look, social, moral, and ethical understandings carefully organize and arrange themselves like bacteria seeking out the most hospitable environment. Perhaps it is time to examine the lines underfoot, the cables which provide this world their power.